New Years Facts you May not Know

1. Hail Caesar! The First Ever New Year’s Celebration was over 4,000 Years Ago

It was Julius Caesar, the Emperor of Rome who first made January (Janus) of the calendar year a national Holiday.

2. The famous Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball Drop first started in 1907

The first official celebration occurred in 1904 and included fireworks to celebrate the New York Times new headquarters at Times Square. Three years later, they dropped a 700-pound ball that was five feet in diameter and surrounded by 100 twenty-five-watt bulbs made of iron and wood.

3. Stuff Your Bellies with Black Eyed Peas and Leafy Greens

According to New Year’s Eve lore, leafy greens and legumes bring prosperity for the New Year. Tradition says that beans and peas look like coins and therefore represent money, and a fortuitous year ahead. Lobsters and chickens are considered bad luck to eat on New Year’s Eve as they can move and scratch in reverse. Did you know that more black eyed peas are consumed on January 1st than any other day of the year?

4. “Time Goes By” for Auld Lang Syne

The most famous song on New Year’s Eve is not Madonna, Taylor Swift or the artist formerly known as Prince, but the Robert Burns classic, Auld Lang Syne.

5. Latin American Celebrations

In Central America including countries like Colombia, Cuba and Puerto Rico, families traditionally stuff a large doll that they name “Mr. Old Year”. The doll represents all the bad memories from the past year. When the clock strikes midnight, they light the doll on fire and burn away those bad memories from the past year.

6. Hot Water Burn Baby

Just like it wouldn’t be Christmas without Santa Claus; it wouldn’t be New Year without the legendary “Baby New Year.” The legend of “Baby New Year” began in 600 B.C. in Ancient Greece where Greek mythology states that he will go from baby to geriatric patient by the end of the year.

7. Champagne for My Real Friends, Real Pain for My Sham Friends

The unofficial drink of New Years Eve is the bubbly French creation, champagne.  According to the food and beverage association, Americans will drink over 360 million glasses of champagne tonight.

8. Hide Your Cars; Hide Your Wife, Because They’re Robbing Everybody Out Here!

Keep your car locked up tonight as the National Insurance Crime Bureau revealed that New Year’s Eve is the day that more cars are stolen in the United States than any other day of the year.

9. It’s Almost Midnight, What Are You Going To Do Next? I’m going To Disneyland!

The top three most visited destinations to travel in the United States for New Year’s Eve are: New York City (obviously), Las Vegas and Walt Disney World. Globally, Sydney, Australia is the destination of choice as you can see over 80,000 fireworks go off over the famed Sydney Opera House.

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