4 Tips for a Better Closet

Whether yours is spacious or practically pocket size, the clothing closet is a space that can nearly always use some improvement. Here are tips for adjusting the layout, choosing the right closet components and finding extra space.

When the clothes closet is working well, it makes getting ready (and getting on with your day) a breeze; when it’s not, mornings can become a hassle. These ideas can help you find the right storage and organizing plan for your space. It helps to measure your stuff before investing in a closet system — that way you can be sure you’re getting exactly the right storage for your wardrobe.
1. Double up on hanging rods and make room for narrow shelving.

  • Having enough room to hang your crisp shirts is a must, but using a sliver of extra closet space for a tall, narrow shelving unit can be worth sacrificing a bit of hanging space — shoes, jeans and sweaters can all fit on shelves 12 to 16 inches wide (measure your belongings to see what size you need).

2. Bookcase as closet storage.

(A simple bookcase with adjustable shelves is often just the right size for holding shoes, boots, bags and more.)

To use your bookcase as storage for sweaters, add shelf dividers to keep piles from toppling over. If you keep your shoes in their boxes, label the outside with a photo of the shoes so you can tell what’s what at a glance.

3. Sliding shoe shelves.

This smart space saver can pack dozens of pairs of shoes into a relatively small space.

  • Many cabinets and closet systems can be customized with sliding shelves. If you already have a closet system, purchase components from the same manufacturer to ensure that they fit.

*Small-closet tips: Make the most of a small, shallow closet by outfitting it with components that make sense. Instead of one long hanging rod, go with a pair of shorter valet rods to hang clothes boutique-style. Fill in all the extra space above and below the rods with shelving for shoes, accessories and sweaters, and install hooks under the shelves to hold bags or scarves.

4. Open or closed storage?

If your closet is visible from the master bedroom, consider going with closed storage — an open closet can be less-than-restful to look at when you’re trying to unwind. A few doors with mirrors will save you from needing to hang a full-length mirror elsewhere. If you have a walk-in closet, you may want to leave off the doors.

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