9 Home Improvements for Aging Parents

According to a 2011 AARP research report, almost 90 percent of people over age 65 would rather remain at home as long as they’re able, and 80 percent of older Americans have firm plans to stay put.

Here are 7 recomendations for your older parents:

  1. Stair lift: This will keep them from falling down while trying to get up the steps
  2. In-home monitoring service: It may not help your parents move around easier, but these services allow everyone to worry less about an elderly person at home alone.
  3. Walk-in bathtub: These can be helpful for seniors who have trouble climbing in and out of the bathtub.
  4. Widen doors: This may be necessary if your parent is traveling throughout the house in a wheelchair.
  5. Disability ramp: If either of your parents is wheelchair-bound, or you think that day is coming, this is a must.
  6. Grab bars for the bathroom. These are bars located in the bathtub and next to the toilet.
  7. Lever-style doorknobs. Patel says one of the easiest and cheapest retrofits is to switch traditional round doorknobs with lever-style doorknob handles.

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