Update your Home this Year

Are you looking to make some changes to your home? Weather thats make sure its ready to sell or make it better for you and your family, there are always little things you can do that can add a little something special.

#1 Minor Bathroom Remodel

Redo the caulk around your tub. It’s amazing what such a little change can do for the look of your bathroom.
Remove dated wall coverings and apply a fresh coat of paint. For damaged walls, spray on texture provides quick coverage.
Old shower doors can ruin any bathroom. Removing or replacing them will add the illusion of space. You can even give an older sink a new faucet.

If you want a more extensive update, relocate and replace your current tub and toilet or add sinks and faucets. You can even update the lighting, the tile on the floor and add an exhaust fan.

**Heres a tip: Buy extra tiles in case you break a few during installation. Set some tiles aside at the end of the job in case you need to make repairs in the future.

#2 Minor Kitchen Remodel

Go for the minor remodel when your kitchen needs a cosmetic update and not a drastically different floor plan.
Reface your cabinets and drawers, change the cooktop, update the sink and fixtures, even re-sealing your floor or adding some new window treatments can help make things look shiny and new.

**Here’s a tip: Brighten up the kitchen by giving your old wood cabinets new character. Just sand and paint! As a matter of fact, brighten up your kitchen with a fresh coat of paint anyway!

If your looking to go for the bigger project you can look at adding an island! Islands can add more storage, more counter space, and a place for people to enjoy a meal and spend extra time with whom ever may be in the kitchen. You could even make your kitchen an eat in kitchen by adding a built in bench decorated with your own touches.


#3 Replace Your Windows

Window replacements can really pay off, just check your power bills a few months later. For the climate in Alabama, there’s low-e glass that reflects heat. And for maximum efficiency, add argon gas inside the pane to prevent heat and cold transference within the window. Simonton Windows are the best around and have extremely modern, double paned windows that can keep your home comfortable.

These are just a few changes that you can make to your home that can liven it up and make it a little cozier.

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